Policies and Procedures

We will not commence work or order material without a signed proposal and a downpayment.

We will not commence work until all special-order items are in.

We warranty our labor and materials (that we provide) for one year.

We do not warranty owner-supplied materials or subcontractors.

Only work specified in Details and Specifications Sheet will be performed. Owner is responsible for making sure all work is included in this sheet.

Owner is responsible to procure all necessary site plans, utilities, etc. to ensure general contractor’s ability to obtain a building permit.

We will put a lock box on the door. We will put your key inside the lock box. Please make certain all alarms are turned off.

We must be allowed access inside from 8am to 5pm Monday through Saturday. If we or any of our subcontractors come to job site and can not get in, a trip charge of $50.00 will be assessed at each

Owners agree not to use subcontractors or suppliers other than provided by us while we are working. Any deviation must be in writing and owner will assume all responsibility for the quality of their work and material. Owner will also be responsible for any delay caused by the use of any outside contractor.

If owner specifies a certain contractor other than chosen by us, they will pay him and be responsible for scheduling him and for the quality of his work.

All draws submitted are due upon commencement (beginning) of different stages of work

All draws submitted by Wednesday are due by the following Friday or work will not resume on Monday.

All final payments are due upon substantial completion (see next paragraph).

At the end of the job, the superintendent will schedule a walkthrough with the client. At the end of the walkthrough, final payment is required. If there are any items that need attention , they will be listed on a punch list and a value assigned to them to be deleted from the final payment. The items on the punch out list will then be paid for at the completion of each item.

Owners are responsible for obtaining downpayments, draws and final payments from the bank.

General contractor works for the client and not the insurance company. All payments are due regardless of relationship or disagreements between client and insurance company. Owner is responsible for obtaining all draws from insurance company.

Any work not listed in Details and Specifications Sheet will be a change order, resulting in an extra charge. Owner realizes that changes, not matter how slight, add days to a remodeling project.

All changes in the work must be authorized by a written change order.

All changes resulting in an extra charge will be billed as cost multiplied times 1.5. Total amount of change order price is due before commencement of extra work.

All upgrades resulting in an extra charge will be billed as the difference of their retail price.

All deletions or rebates will be figured at cost.

Subcontractors are not authorized to make any changes. Please contact the general contractor if there are any changes or problems. Please do not ask subcontractors to do work that is not authorized by general contractor.

Owner is not authorized to charge anything on Beck Construction accounts.

We have priced the project with a certain amount of trips per subcontractor figured. Beck Construction will handle all scheduling. Please do not plan parties, functions, etc. to coincide with the end of your project. No one likes to work under stress. There are many scheduling problems that are completely beyond our control.

We will clean up and haul off construction debris. Extra debris or trash will be hauled at owner’s expense.

We will make every effort to minimize dust, however, we are only responsible for premises to be left in a neat, broom-clean condition. We have not made allowances to dust or clean drapes, clothes or furniture.

When performing roofing work, owner is responsible for either removing items from attic or consolidating them into one area and covering them with plastic if desired. Insulation will get dirty. We have not made allowances to vacuum attic area.

We will try to match sheetrock texture, brick, mortar, paint, concrete, roofing, tile and moldings as close as possible, however exact duplication is not guaranteed. Proposal does not include millwork or special-order items unless specified in Details and Specifications Sheet.

We have priced standard paint colors unless specified otherwise. Custom mixes will cost more.

Unless specified, we have priced painting for two colors only.

Owner is responsible for color of paint that they choose. We will not repaint for free.

We will paint samples on wall on a cost multiplied times 1.5 basis. Owner will be charged for samples.

New concrete will not match color of existing concrete.

Many commodes when moved or pulled up for linoleum installation will develop a leak between the tank and seat. Repair of leak will result in an extra charge. This holds true for garbage disposals as well.

We are not responsible for pets. Please make arrangements for their security.

We try to know the building codes as thoroughly as possible. However, if a building inspector directs us to perform extra work beyond the Details and Specifications Sheet, it will result in a change order.

We will put a job sign in yard. Any before and after pictures that we take will be the property of Beck Construction and may be used in promotions with out compensation to the owner.

When pouring foundations, we have designed and built them to meet and exceed the City of
College Station and City of Bryan standards. We have done everything to reasonably ensure that the new foundation will not move. There are things that we can do to further ensure that a new foundation will not move such as installing 8” diameter piers 12’ deep or deeper beams and more steel bars. These have not been included unless specifically stated. If the new foundation does move, repair of the new foundation and the resulting damage will result in an extra charge. If the existing house foundation moves and causes damage to new remodeling, repair of the resulting damage to the new remodeling will result in an extra charge. We are not responsible for any movement of the existing foundation or the resulting damage.

Very few existing foundations are level. When we pour a new foundation attached to an old foundation; we will match the slope of the existing foundation. We have not made provisions to level the existing foundation unless specifically stated.

We are not responsible for defects in material that we cannot see or do not know about. We are not responsible for the resulting damage caused by those defects.

All hidden, concealed or unforeseeable conditions, including code violations, that must be repaired, corrected, replaced, or overcome will result in a change order to the work.

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