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For: Dennis C.

We hereby propose to furnish the materials and perform the labor necessary for the completion of:

PR Procure permit
LE Level existing house
Pour piers as shown
CF Remove brick as necessary to pour slab
Clean brick for reuse
TR Remove trees and shrubs as necessary to pour slab
FD Prepare slab and patio (100sf):
build forms, dig beams; add sand as necessary
patio will be exposed aggregate
PL Rough in master bathroom plumbing as shown
supply and drain for tub, shower, commode, two vanity sinks, hot water heater
Rough in exterior hose bib as shown
Pull dishwasher
Rerout new hot water line from attic to sink and dishwasher
Install existing dishwasher
Remove existing hot water line on exterior side of kitchen sink
PE Apply pesticide to new slab and patio
FD Finish slab and patio:
install plastic; install steel; pour concrete using pump truck; remove forms
DU Provide dumpster
CF Remove existing overhang
Frame walls, ceiling joists, rafters, overhang, decking and felt as shown
Install 1/2” celotex sheathing (1/2” CDX plywood on the corners)
PL Relocate roof vents as necessary
RO Roof new decking; install ridge vent
CF Install nine new windows
aluminum; bronze; insulated glass, full view; half screen; low “e”
Install one exterior door unit
metal; hinged in middle; full view; sliding screen
EL Rough in exterior electrical
including five low voltage lights along front walk
PA Paint new exterior trim and door unit
BR Install brick
Install two courses of 8” glass block; 4 wide in shower wall
Install two courses of 8” glass block; 7 wide in tub wall
Install five courses of 8” glass block on top of shower half wall
GU Install gutters on new facia; connect downspouts to yard drain
LS Grade yard to slope away from slab; plant sod
SP Relocate sprinkler controls
Relocate sprinkler heads as necessary
CF Remove wall in garage and install drop beam as shown
Remove wall in old master bedroom and install drop beam as shown
Remove windows in old master bedroom; cut for cased opening
Remove door to bathroom 2; fill in
Remove shelving in study
Remove tile surround in bathroom 2
Remove ceramic tile floor in bath 2, bath 3, laundry and laundry foyer
Install 3068 pocket door in exercise room; 6-panel fir door
Install 6068 pocket door between exercise and master bedroom; 15 lite french door
EL Rough in electrical as shown
Rough in electrical for new ac unit
Install lighting in dressing cabinet
AC Rough in ducts and registers as shown
Install new ac unit; balance with the existing one
PL Run condensate line for new ac unit
IN Insulate walls with unfaced R-13 and ceilings with blown-in R-30
SR Hang sheetrock on new walls and ceiling
Tape, float and texture new sheetrock
Repair sheetrock in garage
Patch ceilings and walls where walls have been removed
Patch sheetrock in study
CF Install five new interior door units as shown; 6-panel fir doors
Install one new cased opening as shown
Install trim on seven new windows
Install baseboard in exercise, master bedroom, master bathroom
Install rod and shelf in master closet and study
Install shelving in storage and garage (4 shelves each)
Install attic stair in garage
CB Install cabinets in exercise room as shown
Install cabinets in master bath as shown
Install cabinets in master closet as shown
Install cabinets in bath 2 as shown
Install cabinets in dressing as shown
Note: Cabinets will be stained; ash; raised panel doors; fully concealed hinges
PA Paint walls, ceiling, cabinets and trim in exercise, master bedroom, master bath, master closet & garage
Paint new cabinets, ceiling and trim in bath 2
Install wallpaper in bathroom 2
Paint new base trim in bath 3, hall, laundry, laundry foyer, bedroom 2 and dining
TI Replace grout in tub surround in bath 3
FO Install solid surface veneer on shower floor, walls, diagonal bench and shampoo shelf in master bath
Install solid surface veneer on tub deck, skirt, and half walls in master bath
Install solid surface veneer on vanity top and back splash in master bath
CM Install cultured marble on vanity top and back splash in bath 2
Install cultured marble surround in bath 2
PL Install shower valve with two heads in master bath
Install two undermount china vanity sinks in master bath
Install two vanity faucets in master bath
Install one acrylic tub in master bath
Install one one-piece commode in master bath
Replace one new tub/shower valve in bath 2
Hook up cultured marble sink in bath 2
Install one new vanity faucet in bath 2
Replace tub/shower valve in bath 3
Install new lavatory facet in bath 3
GL Install mirrors in master bath and bath 2
EL Trim out electrical as shown
FL Install carpet and pad in exrecise, master bedroom, master closet, dressing and hall
Install linoleum in master bath, bath 2, bath 3, laundry and laundry foyer
CF Install three medicine cabinets on top of mirrors in master bath
retail allowance: $150/each
Install one medicine cabinet in bath 2…retail allowance: $150/each
Install hardware on eight new door units
Install shoe mould in master bath, bath 2, bath 3, laundry and laundry foyer
PA Touch up baseboard and shoe mould after linoleum installation
Alternate price:
FD Pour 100 lf of 3’ wide sidewalk with curb to drain yard behind house
Alternate price:
RO Roof whole house; install ridge vent
Alternate price:
LS Install yard drain
Alternate price:
CF Replace baseboard in dressing, master closet, bath 2, bath 3, study, hall, laundry, laundry foyer & bedroom 2
Alternate price:
FO Install silestone on shower floor, walls and bench in master bath
Install silestone on tub deck, skirt, and half walls in master bath
Install silestone on vanity top and back splash in master bath
PA Refinish kitchen cabinets and pantry doors
GR Install granite on counter top in kitchen
TI Install tile back splash in kitchen
EL Install existing electrical outlets
PL Install existing cooktop, dishwasher, sink and faucet
Alternate price:
PL Install new undermount kitchen sink and new faucet
FD Remove existing driveway
Replace culvert with metal culvert about 5’ longer
Pour new one in same location except apron will be 5’ wider and no turn around
Locate and rehook neighbor’s phone line by others.

All material is guaranteed to be as specified, and the above work to be performed in accordance with the drawings and specifications submitted for above work and completed in a substantial workmanlike manner. Such drawings and specifications are attached hereto and made a part of this proposal.

Payments are to be made as follows:
30% down payment
30% upon commencement of sheetrock
30% upon commencement of flooring
10% upon completion

Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs, will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. Owner to carry fire, tornado and other necessary insurance upon above work.

Accepted. The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted.

You are authorized to do the work as specified.

Date of acceptance………………………………………………



This proposal may be withdrawn by us if not accepted within 30 days.

By signing this document you are indicating that you are the sole owner(s) to the property being remodeled. You are also indicating that you have read and understand the attached plans, specifications sheet and policy and procedure sheet.

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