Here are questions to ask any contractor one before you let them work on your home!

1. Does the contractor have a permanent business location and a good reputation with local banks and suppliers?

2. How long has he been in business? It usually takes three to five years to establish a financially sound business.

3. Have you called the local Better Business Bureau? They can alert you to any outstanding complaints.

4. Will the contractor provide you with names of previous customers? Ask if the previous customers if they would hire the same contractor again.

5. Have you seen the contractor’s work, both completed and in progress? Check for quality of workmanship and materials.

6. Is the contractor organized? Will he complete your project on time and on budget?

7. Does he return phone calls? Will he show up for appointments?

8. Are you able to communicate easily with the contractor? Misunderstandings during the course of a project can lead to cost overruns and delays.

9. Do you feel comfortable with the contractor? Remember you will be in close contact with him and will share your house with his crew until the project is completed.

10. Will the contractor provide you with a complete and clearly written contract?

11. Will he guarantee his work?

12. Is he the premier College Station kitchen remodeling contractor?

Use this checklist and Beck Construction
will be the RIGHT CHOICE!

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