Our Philosophy

There are two ways to run a remodeling company.

One way is for the contractor to keep his cards close to the vest and divulge as little information as possible so he remains in control.

Typically, his contracts will have very little detail so that you are not exactly sure what you are paying for. The better way is to give the client as much information as possible so that we limit the potential for miscommunication.

That is why our porposals are very detailed. That way you know exactly what you are investing in before we start the job.

Questions like:

What type of flooring is being priced? What is the allowance?
What type of counter tops? What is the allowance?
Does the bid include appliances? And how much is included?

These are all questions that should be answered before you commit to a price.

Click here to see the detail of our Sample Proposal

Another source of confusion is not only what will be done, but how it will be done. Questions such as:

How are draws handled?
Who is responsible for pulling a building permit?
How will debri be removed?
If adding-on, will my home be secure at night?
How will the workers gain acces to the house when I am at work?

These and many other questions should be answered in a Policy and Procedures Sheet.

Click here to see a sample Policy and Procedures Sheet

Will your contractor be organized enough to order items ahead of time to prevent unnecessary delays? Will he order the right things?

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